Instructors Lara Bache and Moriah Arnold knew they had a great vehicle for giving back to their community when they became Co-Directors of The Santa Fe Community Yoga Center in May of 2014. However, years of changing leadership and evolving business plans left a lot of little details unchecked. The Center was in need of a critical eye turned toward the importance of compliance with state, non-profit regulations and the fundamentals of organizing an engaged and qualified board of trustees, before they could focus on instruction for students alone. By June, Bache and Arnold found small business classes and workshops at The Small Business Incubator (SFBI), many offered by Santa Fe SCORE. Soon after, with the aid of Santa Fe SCORE mentors, they began that journey of awareness necessary to become a vibrant and viable non-profit.

The time spent with Santa Fe SCORE mentors discussing the keys to client retention, customer service, quality control, and best non-profit practices has been critical to the process. Now Bache says the Center is “getting feedback more efficiently and using that feedback more intelligently,” allowing them to better serve a wide variety of community members—from seniors and school children to prenatal classes for the duration of a pregnancy—all in an environment with solid and growing leadership.

“Yoga helped me stand up for myself and have confidence in me.”

—Santa Fe Public School Student, Yoga in Schools Program

The Center has developed a member base that volunteers its time in trade for a host of professional services. In its current iteration, the Center employs an office manager, supports a qualified paid teaching staff, and is comprised of a six-member board of trustees that meets once a month. The Center participates in the highly praised “Yoga in Schools” program and offers a “come-as-you-are,” relaxed atmosphere for practitioners of all ages and skill levels with the most modest fees in Santa Fe.

In April, Lara Bache became the sole Executive Director of a much-revived Santa Fe Community Yoga Center and continues to seek out valuable guidance from Santa Fe SCORE mentors once a month. Bache says Santa Fe SCORE offers her the clarity and confidence to provide a leadership makeover in an already wonderful environment, as well as tackle the challenges involved in being the Executive Director. Bache credits Santa Fe SCORE with providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the little details have been addressed and because of this she feels free to bring something positive to the community.


How SCORE helped. 

“No matter how good you think you are in business, with SCORE’s help, you’ll be better. SCORE wants you to succeed!”

—Lara Bache, Executive Director, The Santa Fe Community Yoga Center

The Santa Fe Community Yoga Center