Keystone Restoration has collaborated with Earth Analytic Inc. to create EARTh™ (Erosion Analysis and Restoration Techniques), a GIS toolset that prioritizes erosion control and watershed restoration efforts.  The EARTh™ toolset is unique in that it uses the latest technological advances to 1) locate the most damaging erosion and prioritize its treatment and 2) identify Priority 1 restoration sites where techniques can spread water across the landscape, re-charge the water table, and augment flows to the groundwater feeding our streams.  This toolset is the first of its kind that can analyze conditions on the ground and design projects for restoration.  For example, the EARTh™ toolset can design treatments that mitigate flooding and capture sediment after wildfire to re-build wetlands and restore our watersheds.  SCORE worked with Keystone to identify possible sources funding to develop the toolset

How SCORE helped. 

Steve worked with SCORE mentors to identify and successfully apply for a VAF grant. In his words: “Keystone Restoration Ecology has fourteen years experience specializing in watershed assessment, erosion control and stream and wetland restoration.

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