SCORE Santa Fe, which has been serving clients in Santa Fe and throughout Northern New Mexico since 1975, provides free and confidential mentoring to small business entrepreneurs.  SCORE Santa Fe’s chief aim is to create ongoing relationships with clients as they plan and grow their businesses.  SCORE encourages all clients to engage in sound planning and decision making to foster business success, which in turn leads to profits, job creation, and economic benefit for the entire Northern New Mexico community. 

With over 20 members, both retired and still working, SCORE Santa Fe provides clients the key benefit of access to significant mentor experience and expertise in the ownership, operation, financing, and management of small and large businesses in multiple industries.  SCORE mentors, working in teams to capitalize on mentors’ deep and varied expertise, serve business newcomers and seasoned business owners alike.  Clients can meet with their mentors at SCORE Santa Fe’s two locations (in the Santa Fe Federal Complex and at the Santa Fe Business Incubator), and from time to time, teams work with clients at their business locations to obtain direct experience of client needs.  Mentoring, which can be scheduled by telephone or online, is also available by telephone and via email.

SCORE Santa Fe partners with the City of Santa Fe’s economic development department to offer, at no cost to attendees, workshops and seminars on topics both interesting and valuable to business owners.  The chapter’s website provides information about scheduled educational events, both during the fall and in the spring.  Registration links for the space-available programs are available online.