Is Your Business In Need of a Tune-Up? June 15, 2022, 3:00pm MDT June 15, 2022, 4:30pm MDT

Is your business in need of a tune up? Do you have capacity to focus

on managing your business and on your customers? Do you have

unresolved staff and business issues? There are many more questions to

be considered.

These are complex issues and there is no one answer.  Our speaker

will offer an approach that asks the key questions needed to make

informed decisions. This offers you clarity on the direction of your

business and simplicity in achieving your goals.

About the Presenter(s)

Michael Knight

After 30 years of experience working with top tier professional services firms, I think it is important to share that experience with people who believe that it could be helpful to them in advancing their businesses and careers . After moving to Santa Fe, my focus has been on non profit organizations. I feel with my contribution back to society could be further enhanced by sharing my experience...

Is Your Business In Need of a Tune-Up?