Gig Employment, Contract Work and the New Employment Model November 9, 2021
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Recorded: January 28, 2021

Gig Economy and contract work are exploding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Forecasters project that more Americans will be working either as their own boss or as contract employees as the economy recovers. Whether you’re a business owner or work for yourself, explore and understand the models, options and possibilities available in this new normal in economic models.


Meet the Presenters: Dominic Mandel, Jacob Tague and David Jondreau

DOMINIC (NICK) MANDEL is a former New Mexico government employee with experience in management systems, quality tools, communications, and public relations. Nick's interest now concerns organizational and personal productivity tools and resources that enable all to focus on the right objectives, measure performance and getting the right things done.

DAVID JONDREAU, in 2004, took over his family’s local language service provider based in New York City. Over the following 15 years increased revenue by 800%, added several new services, and expanded geographically, becoming a regional provider. He is familiar with three major areas of ownership: strategy; the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship; and the emotional peaks and valleys of ownership.

JACOB TAGUE's experience founding a wholesale pharmaceutical distributorship familiarized him with drafting standard operating procedures in compliance with regulatory bodies. Also, by leveraging lean methodology, Jacob learned how to compete with multi billion dollar companies in the industry through the use of e-commerce. Now as a financial advisor, he is always conscious of the numbers and ways to improve balance sheets and profit and loss.

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