We design and manufacture decorative lighting fixtures and architectural ironwork.

We have worked with SCORE© for over a decade. SCORE© was instrumental in helping us understand what banks expect in terms of financial statements and business plans when applying for loans, and also the advantages of owning your own building over leasing, etc. When we started we didn't’t have much experience in manufacturing and the experience of the SCORE© counselors really enabled us to grasp the fundamentals. They further helped us figure out how to calculate how we should be pricing our products, and what we could do to make the whole manufacturing process more efficient.

When we started our business in 1996, we thought we had a lot of knowledge. SCORE©, however, has helped us in so many categories. I feel when you’re a young entrepreneur you think you might have the necessary skills – but the wealth of knowledge that SCORE© has and what they are able to offer to people is incredibly valuable.

How SCORE helped. 

One of the key accomplishments that SCORE© helped us achieve was the purchase of our buildings and manufacturing area. We obtained this with relative ease – since all the guidelines and procedures that SCORE© had made it appear pretty “seamless.” Today, in the buildings that we purchased, we not only have our own manufacturing, but we have other artists and crafts people coming to our location.