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Santa Fe SCORE Mentors in 2 or 3 Person Teams Offering a Wide Variety of Experience at Two Locations


Downtown: 120 Federal Place, Suite 307

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Not Open Not Open 9AM to Noon Not Open Not Open
    Lee Lefton
Russ Mooney
Jim Owens


Santa Fe Business Incubator: 3900 Paseo del Sol

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Not Open 9AM to Noon 9AM to Noon 1PM to 4PM Not Open

Eileen Reinders
Ward Freeman
Dennis Seagle
Steven Chance
Zella Cox
Bob Lantis
Ray Daily
Mitch Gregory

Joanne Pratt
    For Non Profits
1PM to 3PM
  Tax Questions
After 12PM
    Marcia Swain   Peter Doniger*

*Only During Non Tax Season

MENTORS ON CALL: Mike Mendez, Michael Maremont, Jim Langley, Bruce Coleman, Peter Doniger, John Van Drimmelen, John Heinritz, Zella Cox, David Fresque, Ruth Johnson, Jeff Henry, Bob Gallatin

Meet Our Mentors

SCORE® Santa Fe is fortunate to have a diverse group of counselors with expertise and experience over a broad range of businesses and business operations.

ROY BOWEN has served non-profit organizations for over 40 years in senior leadership positions. His responsibilities included marketing, personnel, facility management, and financial oversight.

STEVEN CHANCE acted as general counsel of a NYSE-listed manufacturing company for 20 years and has engaged in business law consulting, specializing in start-ups, primarily in the medical field.

B T COLEMAN worked as an executive (CEO or interim CEO) for 22 companies in the internet and software industry for 40 years. His skills include crisis management and the non-technical aspects of running a technology company.

CLARK CROWDUS is a proven pro at identifying and clarifying marketplace opportunities. His background combines expertise in marketplace development, business analysis, market entry strategies and new product development. A career strategist, Clark’s industry service at MasterCard International, McDonald’s, and Ralston-Purina, coupled with 20 years’ consulting experience, provides cross-pollination to vexing marketing issues as the lines between many industries begin to blur.

ZELLA KAY COX is CFO and Director of Administrative Services of the General Services Dept. of the State of New Mexico. She has extensive experience in finance, computer application development, and non-profit administration and is President-Elect of Santa Fe Rotary.

RAY DAILY is a Certified Public Accountant with 45 years of experience. He first worked with a national accounting firm then with a small firm where he was a partner. For the last 30+ years he managed his own accounting firm in El Paso before moving to Santa Fe.  Ray is also actively involved with farming in Iowa and various other investments.

PETER DODDS is a qualified accountant He spent his career in international banking, with extensive assignments in East and South East Asia, specializing in risk management, trade finance, commodity finance and problem loan management.  

PETER DONIGER is a Personal Income Tax expert. He runs his own Tax prep business in the Santa Fe Place Mall during tax season. He is also able to help with Gross Receipts taxes. Peter also is fluent in Small Business Accounting and is willing to help set up your books using quickbooks. Peter is available to SCORE clients as needed at their office in the Incubator by appointment outside of Tax Season.   

WARD FREEMAN is mostly retired from nearly 20 years in IT for the small business financial services sector.  His specialty was information security and disaster recovery/business continuance for server and network systems.  Before that, he was a lead negotiator for a public sector labor union for 17 years, and in law enforcement for eight years.

BOB GALLATIN worked in the food and related industries for over forty years. He began his career in food product development then moved into sales and marketing then general management. He held various positions including Sales Director, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and President of a group of companies under the umbrella of a large food conglomerate. He was also the partner in a successful small business that was sold to a larger firm and owned a management consulting and recruiting firm for over twelve years.

MITCH GREGORY has had at least two diverse small business interests. Following 4 years of service in the United States Air Force, Mitch started law school at Oklahoma University and started a home building business in the greater Oklahoma City area. He spent a total of 15 years focused primarily on the construction business, then spent 33 additional years engaged in the practice of law. His law practice primarily represented banks and other lenders in general and commercial litigation – while representing small businesses in real estate acquisition and development – and representing individuals in estate planning and probate matters. Mitch retired in late 2018 and moved with his wife of 53 years to Santa Fe.

JOHN HEINRITZ is a respected leadership coach, working with senior executives in leading companies across the country.  He has vast experience in sales and marketing, both in domestic and international markets, having led - among others - the international consumer products division at Warner Bros.: negotiating brand and character licensing around the globe.  His reputation is as a builder of businesses, brands and teams.  

ERNEST GODLOVE, before retiring in 2015, was engaged in the private practice of law for 50 years in a firm located in a community of approximately 100,000 people in southwest Oklahoma. His practice focused on real estate and commercial contracts, banking, estate planning, domestic relations, litigation and probate matters. He has been a resident of Santa Fe since early 2015.

ROGER GULLICKSON began his career as a partner in a small retail and manufacturing business. In his subsequent corporate life, he held senior positions in marketing, sales and general management before acquiring and leading a marketing communications enterprise.

JIM LANGLEY spent 35 years and rose to senior management positions with Exxon, Union Texas Petroleum and Sunshine Mining. His major operations management responsibilities included budgeting, contract negotiations, human relations and overall responsibility for profitability of exploration and production functions

BOB LANTIS served as senior manager with the credit subsidiary of a major industrial manufacturer, where his responsibilities included extension and collection of credit and marketing of various financial products.

LEE LEFTON began his career as a copywriter at CBS-TV where his main client was “The Price Is Right.” (Come on down!) Over the years, he worked as a copywriter and creative director at a number of Los Angeles advertising agencies before opening his own strategic marketing firm in 1983, which he relocated to Santa Fe in 1991. Lee’s clients spanned a wide variety of industries including healthcare, entertainment, real estate, financial services, and hospitality.

MICHAEL MAREMONT possesses 40 years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage and consulting and was a founder and director of a national bank for 30 years. Michael also taught entrepreneurship at a major midwestern university for six years.

MIKE MENDEZ worked for 35 years as a manager and executive in the fields of human resource management, leadership development, and community and labor relations. Mike specializes in strategies to develop employee teams that help businesses succeed.

RUSS MOONEY possesses 40 years’ experience in financial and general management for three major US companies, with a heavy emphasis in opening and building new markets particularly internationally. Russ has been a SCORE mentor for 25 years.

JIM OWENS has 30 years’ experience in semiconductor and related industries for companies ranging in size from start-up to $2B. Jim’s positions and experience include service on boards of directors of both private and public companies, and acting as CEO, COO, head of operations, R&D, and VC. Jim also served as an Airborne officer for 3 years in the US Army.

JOANNE PRATT pioneered the use of technology to enable employees and entrepreneurs to work from home offices or other remote locations. As an international business consultant, she engaged in academic research and implementation of remote work for large and small organizations such as the City of Rockwell, MD, AT&T, the European Union, and individual entrepreneurs. Her column for Family & Home Office Computing responded to questions regarding home computer systems, software packages, home office set-up advice, business plans, and raising capital for home businesses.

EILEEN REINDERS Twice retired! Recently from our successful NM winery business and a 30-year executive career in corporate sales.   As a mentor, my support to a business owner is by listening, dialoging, and engaging resources to help them succeed where they are in their business life cycle.

RICHARD REINDERS After serving in the United States Army I worked for a trucking company long enough to know I was meant to work for myself. With a truck, lawn mower, rakes and shovels I jumped head first into the landscape maintenance business and over the next 42 years have been in general contracting, land development, and invented a product with offshore manufacturing and marketing. Recently, retired from a successful winery business, we grew our grapes, processed and bottled wine also did the marketing and retail sales of wine and other related products. I have always been in businesses where I wore many hats. As a self-starter and successful entrepreneur I can help you with a broad range of business experience.

MARCIA SWAIN retired from a 30-year law practice in Colorado where small business was her major focus. A mediator with more than three decades of experience, Marcia also specializes in conflict resolution.

PETER THORP -  42-year educational career includes 23 years in independent boarding schools, a dozen years in the California charter school movement and 7 years with the Rwanda Girls Initiative as both founding principal and executive director. During his time in the charter school movement in CA, Peter became the statewide expert on governance training, leveraging his experience in the independent school sector and his service on more than a dozen non-profit boards over the years. 

MICHAEL UREMOVICH is a seasoned business executive with a 40+-year history in consulting and line management. He has built and managed companies, secured financing, and helped take companies public. Mike started and built a significant consulting business, which he subsequently sold and retired as CEO of a major corporation. He understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs, having been one, as well as the challenges facing all business in today’s complex financial and regulatory environment.

ROB WILSON began his career in marketing, merchandising and sales. He later served as president of an international clothing manufacturer headquartered in Canada, then as head of the strategy practice at a major international consulting firm. Rob later launched his own consulting firm in Boston, specializing in strategic planning.

NORM ZWAIL considers himself a "Brand Architect". He has over 40 years of distinguished success in wholesale manufacturing active apparel consumer goods. Norm helps companies strategically develop their growth by creating a vision for the brand, maximizing its existing brands, developing new brand extensions, finding new markets and helping companies integrate themselves in the ever changing world of social media and technology..