We are a custom cabinet architectural millwork shop.

I started working with SCORE® about 3 years ago on the suggestion of my banker – when we were trying to buy a building to house our business here in Santa Fe. We reviewed our financial's and the bank representative suggested I sit down with SCORE® to help me learn about and how to run our business better. Initially I worked with SCORE® on my financial's - understanding what they mean, what people who lend money are going to look for, how to make my financial's look better and what each of the parts of the statements mean as far as running a profitable business.


How SCORE helped. 

Through my work with SCORE® I was able to improve my balance sheet and profitability to a point where, about a year ago, we acquired our own building to work from. I still see SCORE® on a regular basis, to review our operations in an attempt to have a “third party” provide input on our direction and activities.

Key Topics