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If your business were to disappear this year, would your customers have noticed? According to the HAVAS Group Meaningful Brands survey, 77 percent of brands could simply disappear and no one would care. This doesn’t mean that your customers wouldn’t need an accountant anymore or wouldn’t know how to get chiropractic services, but instead, that they would easily move on to another company if you weren’t able to give them what they need.

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your customers why they should stay with you. But instead of spending a lot of extra money, show them you care—something that will go a long way. As Chip Bell, speaker and author, explains:

“Caring for customers is the demonstration (not just the promise) of unconditional positive regard and support—especially when customers encounter a challenge, obstacle, or issue. Customers don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Use these ideas to connect deeper and keep customers happy without spending the rest of your 2020 budget.

1. Focus on Experience

During the bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to get distracted by a heavy workload or feel burdened to rush through client calls and wrap up the year. However, by taking a step back and focusing on your customers during this time, you can stand out by making their lives, and the overall customer experience, easier and more streamlined.

Scott J. Corwin, attorney, and president of Scott J. Corwin, explains how he does this with his law office: "I put my clients’ interests first and foremost. Not just the legal representation, but helping them coordinate their medical care, recommending doctors and other medical providers if they need help in securing such care.”

Ask yourself: how can we go above for our clients this month and in the future? Start implementing and show customers that you not only want to give this holiday season but that you care about them now and all year round.

2. Thank Your Clients for Their Support

Saying a few kind words costs nothing. If you can’t give discounts or free products this holiday season, take the time to check-in instead. Wish them a happy new year and share your appreciation.

What’s more, a simple “thank you,” has a tangible ROI for your business. A shocking 81 percent of companies that offer excellent customer service outperform their competition, while only 10 percent of businesses offer that stellar customer service that customers crave, according to HelpScout. Don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtful holiday card or a simple phone call this season.  

3. Donate Part of Your Sales to Charity or Fundraise for a Cause

The end of the year is one of the peak times for charitable donations. Nearly a third of annual giving occurs in December and nonprofits receive 12 percent, on average, of all giving within the last three days of the year. If you want to give back to your customers, help them give to a charity they support. Hold a fundraiser to support a cause, collect items like coats or food for a local shelter, or pledge to donate money yourself.

It is possible to give to a charity on a small budget—and giving clients an opportunity to give back as well allows you to connect around a cause that matters to both of you. Remember: charitable giving can be included in your tax deductions, as well, which can help you recoup some of what you donate.

4. Offer Discounts for the Future

If you’re on a budget in 2020 and can’t afford to offer gifts to customers, consider sending out a discount for future services or a coupon that can be redeemed in 2021. According to a survey of 1,500 consumers by HelloWorld, 61 percent of customers say the most important way a brand can interact with them is with surprise gifts or discounts. 

Better yet, look for ways to make these discounts as profitable as possible. For example, you can set thresholds for spending (like $10 off $50) encouraging them to spend more to get more, which benefits them and you.

5. Celebrate Customer Anniversaries

Spend some time this holiday season looking through your customer data and identifying the months and years when people first started working with you. Celebrate a few top customers who have used your services the longest or honor the first few customers to ever buy from you. These celebrations don’t need to be big or expensive, a small card or gift acknowledgment will get the message across.

Celebrating these “customer-company anniversaries,” can start this season and become a tradition that lasts all year long. 

Think About What Your Customers Need This Year

As you look for ways to give back to your customers this holiday season, evaluate what they need most from you. Do your customers need some extra time and attention from your company? Do they simply need a kind word of thanks? By focusing on the needs and problems of your clients, you can find ways to help them without spending more.

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